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Barbara Lawlor President & CEO, Baker Real Estate Inc.

Federal, Ontario governments take steps to ease the housing crisis

Barbara Lawlor Government policy Government National Jun. 5 2024

For years – in fact, since long before the pandemic – new home builders and developers in Ontario have been asking all three levels of our governments to take action when it comes to lack of affordability and lack of supply.

Patience the key word for 2024 real estate market recovery

Barbara Lawlor Condominiums Baker Real Estate Inc. National Feb. 29 2024

New home real estate, along with several other industries, is still feeling the effects of the pandemic and interest rate rises, yet Barbara Lawlor, president and CEO of Baker Real Estate, feels we’re well on our way to recovery.

2024 holds promise for new home real estate

Barbara Lawlor Houses Buying and selling National Jan. 10 2024

As we plunge into 2024, we see the new home real estate market regaining some of its lost footage from the past few years, when life threw so many curves at us.

Adaptive reuse innovative solution to Toronto's space problems

Barbara Lawlor Multiresidential Baker Real Estate Inc. Toronto Dec. 21 2023

It’s called adaptive reuse, and it may help to solve some of our lack-of-housing-supply problems in the Greater Toronto Area when approvals can be obtained.

Canadians keep the faith in real estate, and homeownership

Barbara Lawlor Condominiums Baker Real Estate Inc. Toronto/GTA Aug. 15 2023

The Mustel Group marketing firm and Sotheby’s International Realty Canada conducted a study called “2023 Canadian Real Estate Market Sentiment: Generational Trends Report”, an extensive study on the confidence levels Canadians between the ages of 18 and 77.

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